Debbi Saccomanno Chan

360 Video, Paintings, Virtual reality painting

 I did not become an artist. I was born one and have spent my life perfecting it. I took my  traditional Chinese painting and merged it with technology using virtual  reality to create Traditional/Technology fine art.  

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 now taking my art in another path from individual paintings to 70' continuous story paintings in jumbo folding albums, wordless picture books such as those done in ancient Asia allow me to tell stories, some more imaginative and some historical. I am challenged to paint events that are usually reserved for photographers such as horseraces, pig roasts and parties. I show the albums on in three galleries where the shows change at my whim. and I am now publishing. the finished albums come to life for viewers through the talent of and publishing, selling, and showing online these lengthy painted stories for you , the viewers. I have always enjoyed stories and now I can combine that with the painting I am so passionate about . 

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