The Exhibit


"artXRperience" is a major annual gathering for South Florida artists working in emerging technologies such as VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), MR (Mixed Reality).

"XR" is a term referring to all real-and-virtual combined environments and human-machine interactions generated by computer technology and wearables.

We work with artists exploring ALL these spaces.

"artXRperience" is inviting a minimum of 20 artists to participate in 2019. A Call for Artists goes out in January 2019, and we are looking for artists to participate in the three main areas of the program:
1) the 360 film theater,
2) the "art -XR -perience" Gallery (VR, AR, MR artists), and
3) a multi-day VR 360 film workshop preceding the public event.

In addition to creating a great event that exposes audiences to high quality work by Miami-Dade artists working in emerging technologies, a priority goal of artXRperience is to increase the quality of art being created locally through networking, business opportunities and education.

The 360 film theater looks somewhat similar to a regular theater, where the audience sits in chairs, but in this event, each person wears a headset that allows them to watch the art. Virtual theater is a very different experience for the audience than a regular 2D cinema. The art is experienced individually and requires a great amount of volunteer support to help viewers put on the headset and adjust volume. 

Our curatorial goal is to provide a wide variety of artistic experiences using VR. Some artists work in a cinematic style. Others are focused on the greater possibilities of empathy provided by the VR experience. While others still incorporate elements of gaming into their art. The field is as wide as there are artistic visions to be expressed.

The 360 film theater will include some of the best art available currently in VR and will be selected from pieces chosen to exhibit at Sundance and other significant VR venues in the world. 

The Gallery component of the program is set up to look like a regular art gallery, with moveable walls designed to allow patrons to flow through, walking from one artXRperience to another.  Participants will also be able to interact with the curated pieces and their artists/ developers. This will include all forms of immersive technology  including virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

3) 2-day VR 360 Filmmaking Workshop
Artists will be invited to participate in a 2-day class that will take place right before artXRperience on June 6&7, 2019.
In past years, our artist training and meetups have gathered up to 200 participants wanting to up level their skills. One of the main goals of artXRperience is to bring the artistic capacity of all Miami-Dade artists working in emerging technologies up to a level that can compete internationally