Douglas Alford

Full Spectrum VR : Live Performance VR Art / The Shared Visions Experience

I am a professional artist of 20 years with an Architecture degree. As well the Principal Owner of two XR companies in Dallas, Tx, Reality Nexus Entertainment LLC and Full Spectrum VR LLC.  

I am a professional VR Artist operating under the name Full Spectrum VR for more than two years now. I have been designing and presenting cutting edge next generation VR Art Exhibits in the North Texas Area that include but are not limited to interactive VR art zones, live performance VR Art supported by live music and upcoming in the spring The Full Spectrum VR Pris-M Fashion Experience. Currently also refining and developing  a live VR art performance experience with Live music artist Twin Shape in the experience in the video links but more developed. We are preforming the full experience in the Spring at Metro Lite : @VR Art Exhibit That will be branded The Shared Visions Experience. 

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The exploration of extended realities (XR) (VR/AR/MR) technology has become the fire of my life. The vehicle of exploration personal transformation to be a better leader in every aspect of my being, every skill learned and talent honed. Starting and staying focused on my businesses is paramount. Currently working on my first VR series event The VR Art of Gaming : A VR Art Exhibit 

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