Kris Pilcher

Immersive Artist / Mixed Reality / Installation / VR and AR

  I am an award winning installation and mixed reality artist who is actively trying to bring dreams to life through physical installations and digital technologies by creating hyper narrative projects that destroy the boundaries of reality.    

 I am the chief designer of the Dream Collection Agency, a mixed reality project that collects dreams for scientific study and recreation through virtual reality. This project has been highly successful with coverage throughout the world from Netflix, NPR, and other news agencies. Other projects include 3D modeling for Face to Face, an award winning VR documentary and being lead developer for Infinite Observer, a 2018 Oculus Launchpad Project that uses spatial audio to create VR for the visually impaired. I am also a 2019 participant in the MIT Reality Virtually hackathon.       I am currently artist in residence at The Movement Lab, a performance art and technology hub, creating interactive technology in conjunction with Spelman Professor and Choreographer T. Lang. We are developing educational and arts programming for social justice-grounded dance and movement.

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