moksha family

Gallery with 2d art , VR Gallery and representing 2 VR guest artists

The exhibiting artists are as follows:

Sacha Panic

Mark Henson
Chris Dyer

Randal Roberts

Reinier Gamboa

Morgan Mandala

Microdose VR / Android Jones to the artists

 Moksha Arts Collective (MAC) has produced world-class multimedia events for over 15 years. Our organization has presented international art fairs, multi-disciplinary lecture series, and outreach in local communities. The Collective has been representing conscious visionary artists through interdisciplinary exhibitions and has a nurtured growing network of artists and galleries worldwide. MAC has created a virtual reality extension of our gallery. This ongoing project will expand our potential reach and enable diverse audiences to experience our events through the integration of XR Technologies, such as VR chat, interactive 360 video and live events. MAC programs are magical celebrations of cultural harmony and higher consciousness.