360 Video, Sculpture, Paintings, Mixed Media, Augmented Reality

 In 2019 i want to present my latest creation called "The White Rabbit Hole" wich is a clear immersive experience mixing 3d printing , HD prints and Augmented and Virtual reality. A kind of HR GIGER and pure surr√©alism art concept. I want to deploy it for Music Band Artwork and Art Galleries.  The White Rabbit Hole concept is confidential actually, but i will be glad to collaborate with you for an amazing experience there. 

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I'm an XR Designer , what we call an immersive designer. I've  started my career as an Industrial drawer for defense sector. As a designer I've created my own activity called disruptive-digital-studio with a clear vision in terms of design and technologies. I've been validated on different internationals events such like Mobile World Congress and China High Tech presenting in exclusivity immersive designs involving XR Technologies. 

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